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Buying & Selling in Luxury with Gannon Forrester

Posted by E J on February 3, 2016
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Gannon Forrester


Buying & Selling in Luxury with Gannon Forrester of TOWN Residential


After six years as a top-producing and award winning real estate representative in New York, Gannon Forrester has brought his formidable talents to TOWN. A highly accomplished professional, a number of Gannon’s deals in recent years set records for the buildings they were sold in. However, for Gannon it all starts with his clients, whether they are high- profile celebrities, hedge fund managers, politicians and CEOs, or just regular folks looking for a first home in the city. Gannon is 100% devoted to them all, and makes it his business to keep them abreast of shifting market conditions, comparable sale histories and recent sales in their area of interest. Whether working with buyers, sellers or renters, Gannon ensures they are always fully informed and have every possible option available.

Specializing in luxury condos, both sales and rentals, Gannon’s domain comprises premier Manhattan neighborhoods including the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, Union Square, Flatiron, Chelsea and Gramercy. With his creative approach, affable manner, keen negotiation skills and unparalleled ambition, he is the ideal guide who knows New York’s condo market through and through. “Knowledge is the number one tool in real estate,” he says, and this is precisely what his clients get in abundance.


Gannon Forrester


Gannon grew up in New York City and received a BA from New York University. A lover of the city’s architecture and atmosphere, he lives on the Upper East Side, where he is very comfortable amid the quiet tree-lined streets, the wide array of restaurants and of course-Central Park, where he can often be found strolling and admiring its beauty.

Resident sat down with Gannon to discuss the state of the industry and the ways NY buyers and sellers can make the best real estate decisions.

Resident Magazine: Are there certain neighborhoods that are getting more attention recently, or that you’re especially excited about?

Gannon Forrester: West Chelsea has been hot for a while, but this year it’s exploding. Luxury condos along the High Line are getting some of the highest prices per square foot in the city right now. It’s the downtown version of being by Central Park.

RM: What advice do you have for first-time buyers in NYC?

GF: Be prepared and ready to go. NYC moves very fast and a property that is priced well in a good location will have a lot of interest. If you are financing, have a pre-approval letter. If you are paying cash, have your finances ready to go. Have a good NYC real estate attorney that can turn around a contract quickly and protect you at the same time. As soon as you see something you like, pull the trigger right away and be the first person in.

RM: Can you explain why—in the luxury Manhattan market—it’s so important to have a real estate agent who is very experienced and knowledgeable?

GF: It’s the age of the internet and everything is transparent. There are a number of sites that can list every property. There is a difference between listing a property and marketing a property. When I represent a seller it’s about knowing who to market to and how to stand out from every other listing. I have to know the building and the area to come up with the correct price and strategy. When I represent buyers, it’s about knowing where to show a client based on the vibe they want. It’s also about building relationships. Having wonderful friendships with other luxury brokers and developers makes it easier for me to get appointments and negotiate when the time comes. I have a wonderful team behind me, including top lawyers, mortgage brokers, tax consultants, and my own private concierge that my clients have access to. All of that adds up to a great experience for my clients resulting in a quick and successful transaction. My sellers get higher prices quicker and my buyers are prepared and have a team behind them to easily acquire the property they want and beat out any competition from other potential buyers.

Gannon Forrester

250 E 54th Street


Gannon Forrester

15 Union Square West


Gannon Forrester

1 Central Park West


Gannon Forrester

163-165 W 18th Street


To contact Gannon Forrester, you can reach him on his email:



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