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Adage Brings Exquisite Fragrances To Your Home


Niche fragrance brand, source adage, launched in 2015 with its own brick and mortar store in historic Hudson, NY. The renovated1830’s Greek Revival building provides a striking backdrop to the brand’s collection of luxury ambient fragrances and eau de parfums inspired by geographical locations in the US. source adage was founded by creative directors, Christopher Draghi and Robert Dobay, who design and produce their line of premium fragrance products in New York.


In an ever expanding fragrance market finding makers crowding somewhere in the middle, Christopher and Robert aimed higher with uncompromising quality and a modern, refined presentation. Their mission was an ambitious one: to compete with the very best fragrances from around the world with authentic American luxury products apart from the pack. The attention to detail they put in to the packaging, the scent compositions and their sophisticated flagship store, puts them well on track to achieve their ambitions.


The regionally inspired ambient fragrances are layered with sumptuous notes that evoke a moment in time in their namesake locations. From the bright, citrus, herb and cypress notes of PACIFIC COAST, to the grassy and light floral notes of GREAT PLAINS, the powdery red clay, dried wood and spice of SOUTHWEST, to the warm cedar, tobacco and smokey layers of NORTH ATLANTIC, the duality of sweet bourbon and smokey birch tar of SOUTHERN STATES, to the tart orchard fruit, woodland and amber notes of HUDSON 314, each of their core scents are distinct in personality.



The brand’s unisex eau de parfums are alluring scents with persistent accords composed from only the finest ingredients. Dark island spice, smoke and minerals reveal a volcanic Hawaii in aka’ula. Icy fjords meet the woodlands in Alaska inspired, c’i’aan. Herbaceous, earthy notes speak to the Native American culture of the Carolinas with monto’ac. Named from the native languages of the regions that inspired them, they are an homage to the landscapes and the indigenous cultures that inhabited the lands in their most natural state.


“This past year we’ve created some fantastic new products and have been able to work on some exciting collaborations. We introduced Special Edition candles, such as MORNING IN A CITY that we created for Williams College Museum of Art, inspired by the eponymous Edward Hopper painting from their permanent collection, and also debuted the first fragrances in our line of eau de parfums. Currently, we are developing our next perfume scent for release later this year….There are more surprises coming soon but we’ll have to wait a little longer to share those!”

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