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The Sanctitude of Sleep – Marpac Yogabed

Posted by E J on September 30, 2016
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By Haiting Tan.


Though New York is a city that never sleeps, sleep is one thing New Yorkers never get enough of. Studies have proven that getting an adequate amount of sleep can lead to a happier and healthier life, the benefits of sleep should never be underestimated. As we spend a third of our life asleep, the right mattress and pillows can help you make the most of your restful hours. Thanks to the revolutionary new mattress from Marpac Yogabed, the designers are so sure you will have the best rest of your life that they back their product with a 365 day return policy.




The first of its kind in the mattress industry, Yogabed’s Yoga Comfort System comprises of four layers aimed at dispersing weight evenly and reduces pressure points that causes tossing and turning during your sleep. The Yoga Instant Response Foam, a thin layer of highly reactionary foam, is a great pressure relief. The second layer, a gel memory foam is designed to cushion while dispersing impact from deep compression. Due to its material, its thermal conductivity is seven times greater than regular memory foam. The breathable foam base ensures 95% better air flow and three times better heat and moisture wicking than traditional memory foam and the top layer also helps alleviate pressure.


Featuring a Thermocool high performance fabric, the mattress cover can be washed easily. Using a mattress cover 365 days, it is not only unhygienic but makes it relatively easy for dust mites to be trapped in dark, dirty pockets. Concern for the health of their customers, Marpac Yogabed has made a zip-n-wash removable cover.




Marpac Yogabed was also the first to introduce two free pillows with their luxury mattresses in a box to ensure enough support for your neck and shoulders. While tossing and turning in your sleep may be a regular occurrence, do you ever wonder why you wake up with wrinkles after a deep night’s rest? While wrinkles are a sure sign of the skin aging, these wrinkles are relatively different from expression wrinkles. The fact is that if you sleep incorrectly, your pillow is causing additional wrinkles. While all of us distort our skin in our sleep, wrinkling in young people disappears when they wake up. The rate and severity of wrinkling varies as the person’s skin ages.
Marpac Yogabed also simplifies your shopping experience by offering everything you need for sleep all in one place. They are the first online mattress brand to offer a full range of accessories including sheets, mattress protector, all-in-one frame/foundation, a wedge pillow system, extra zip-n-wash covers and pillows, all with with free delivery.




These luxury products that ensure a blissful rest are also available at affordable prices, Juverest contour pillow is priced at $160 while the Marpac Yogabed has a starting price of $574 with the added convenience of being able to ship directly to your home. |




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