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Scents of Adage

Posted by E J on September 9, 2016
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When it came to creating a new line of room fragrances, it all started with the question, “What would an ambient fragrance look and smell like that we would be excited to buy and ultimately showcase in our own home or studio environment as men?”. This is how Christopher Draghi, co-owner with Robert Dobay of the source adage NYC fragrance brand, describes the conception of this “unapologetically” design-led and masculine leaning collection of ambient fragrances.


The US based branding designers’ mission was to craft a superior quality and unique product from their own point of view. With the fragrance market looking primarily towards the female consumer, they aimed to create olfactory compositions that had a masculine appeal, knowing, ultimately, that more masculine fragrances appeal to women, whereas, feminine fragrances don’t generally appeal to men. They designed their signature black glass “adage vessel” in the same vein – sexy, dark and intriguing – to reflect this ethos.

Their creative oversight extended to the fragrances themselves, ensuring each fragrance was loyal to the brand principle of being distinctive and masculine in character. The complex, layered fragrance profiles were an open invitation to the style-conscious and design-orientated consumer who is drawn not only to sophisticated ambient fragrances but to the presentation as well.


The result is a collection of unique luxury ambient fragrances that represent the spirit and personality of the source adage NYC brand. Each inspired by and representing an American region: PACIFIC COAST, GREAT PLAINS, SOUTHWEST, NORTH ATLANTIC, SOUTHERN STATES and HUDSON 314 – an homage to their home base and flagship store address in Hudson, NY and the picturesque Upstate countryside.


The fragrances are as distinct as the regions from which they take their names. Each layered with different notes to evoke a moment in time in their namesake locations. From the bright, crushed lime leaves of PACIFIC COAST, fresh cut grass of GREAT PLAINS, red clay, dry wood and spice of SOUTHWEST, the smoky and sweet resin of NORTH ATLANTIC, the duality of bourbon and smokey birch tar of SOUTHERN STATES, to the vibrant, matured orchard fruit and woodsy HUDSON 314, all of the scents take on their own personalities as stand alone fragrances.


“This year brings more product development which we’re very excited about. We are introducing the first fragrances in a new line of eau de parfum quality personal fragrances. Since we have launched, we have become much more involved in the actual formulation process, creating the initial formulations to then perfect the accords and performance of the fragrances directly with our perfumers. It’s a fascinating creative process and we are fortunate to have a great team of collaborators who help us execute on our ideas and creations.”


This fall Christopher and Robert will also introduce signature ambient fragrances designed for clients in the interior design and art world as well as for hospitality. Their unique fragrances are available at their flagship store in Hudson, NY, online and at select retail partners in the U.S.

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