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Up Next for John Petrocelli Construction

Posted by E J on February 3, 2016
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Up Next for John Petrocelli Construction Best Contractor in the World.

By Kimberly Golladay.


He’s the guy that makes people’s design dreams come true. He brought Paris Hilton’s dreams to life in her new SoHo loft last month, and he’s gearing up to renovate P. Diddy’s apartment on 56th Street. John Petrocelli of John Petrocelli Construction says if you can dream it, he can do it.


Challenges are a sure thing in construction contracting. Petrocelli’s clients run the gamut when it comes to requests. Whether it’s a door that looks like a cabinet, a waterfall in the middle of a bedroom, or a projector that comes out of the ceiling and then tucks away with the tap of a button—he’s done it all. Those are the wishes he likes to grant the most. “When it’s difficult to do and others say it can’t be done, that’s when my radar turns on.” He adds, “I believe anything can be done.”


2015 was a great year for Petrocelli, and 2016 is looking to be even better. His full service construction management and general contracting firm has over 36 years serving the tri-state area. Petrocelli says that’s what sets him apart from many other companies—that, and it’s obvious to clients that he loves what he does, they can easily see his passion. “I think it’s really fun, I don’t think it’s work, it’s so enjoyable to me, doing something you love it’s like a vacation every day.”


JPC has spearheaded countless high profile renovations in the best, most prestigious buildings in New York, like 907 5th Avenue where the reclusive copper heiress named Huguette Clark lived. They divided the huge lavish apartment into three separate ones. He also worked on the penthouse of Wendy and Steve Madden; JPC renovated the entire apartment. Next in the pipeline is a distinguished, limestone-clad, luxury apartment building on Fifth Avenue. This time, the building is the client. JPC will be adding a recreation area and meeting rooms on the ground floor. Petrocelli says he’s working on more than 20 major renovation and design jobs in 2016.


It’s also about the team. “I have such a great crew,” Petrocelli adds. “We’re more of a hands on company than others. We’re available to clients for problem solving at any time. Some companies will sell the job and then you’ll never see them again, we’re not like that.” And it doesn’t hurt to be adaptable. Petrocelli says when the climate changes, they change. Being adaptable to whatever the needs are, and having various services available to meet those needs has served the company well.


John Petrocelli Construction


With new technologies developing all around, it’s crucial to stay up on the hottest trends. Petrocelli says the new thing is everyone wants their homes to be digitalized. “Wireless stuff is happening all over the place, everyone wants lighting systems connected to phones, and all-off buttons are really big. People don’t have to go around turning everything off when they leave their place, they just want to push a button.” Also, traditional is on its way out, informal is in. As is evident with the attire in the professional word of jeans and a jacket instead of suits and ties. “People don’t want to live in a museum, they want a practical living space.”


Practical is something familiar to Petrocelli. “When we were kids, instead of getting toys we got tools.” Petrocelli’s father was part owner of a huge, privately owned electric company. From his early years he learned how to build. “We had to build everything ourselves, every time my parents had a new child—we built an addition to the house.” His father started a small company called College Electric so John and his siblings could work themselves through college. As John became hands-on at a young age, he always had a passion for the remaining elements of the construction industry. “We worked for everything we had, at the time I didn’t appreciate it but now I do.”


Those entrepreneurial instincts are what make Petrocelli who he is today, leading one of the top construction contracting companies in New York. He makes it personal, putting himself in every job that he does. “I put myself in the clients’ shoes like I am building for myself, I do things that I would do for my own house.” And as far as the future goes, Petrocelli has a rather impressive goal. “I have a big sign on my wall that says my goal is to be the best contractor in the world. It’s a lofty one, but why not—we can do it.”
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